5 Reasons Binge-Watching Anime Is Better (& 5 Watching Weekly Is)

With the prevalence of streaming platforms in the modern age, it is increasingly common for individuals to binge-watch TV shows. This switch to binging content is present in the anime community. With many shows available in their entirety at the click of a button, it is no wonder that many anime fans have switched from watching weekly to viewing shows that are complete.

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However, this is not to say that simulcasts are no longer prevalent in the anime community. Distributors such as Crunchyroll and Funimation make sure that anime episodes are available weekly outside of Japan. Watching anime weekly as well as bingeing shows both have benefits and drawbacks associated with them.

10 BINGE-WATCHING: No More Frustrating Cliff-Hangers

The "To Be Continued" screen from Attack on Titan

There is nothing more frustrating than watching an episode of one’s favorite anime and being left on an uncertain note and then having to wait a week or longer to find out what happens. Attack on Titan is infamous for its “to be continued…” screen. However, fans who binge an anime series do not have to deal with this problem.

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The frustration of waiting another week to find out what happens is unknown to those who binge-watch their anime. Instead of waiting, the complete show is ready and each next episode can be started right away. Of course, bingeing anime will not help if the series ends on a cliffhanger.

9 WATCHING WEEKLY: Manga And Anime Were Intended To Come Out In A Timed Manner

Emma looks out in the Promised Neverland

Anime is a medium that can be carefully crafted in all aspects, including its pacing. Thus, anime directors can decide to end episodes and seasons in a way that makes viewers see the show in a different light.

Many platforms and creators craft their shows for bingeing. However, anime, for the most part, is still released on a weekly schedule. Thus, anime fans who binge their series miss out on any thought the creators put into the release schedule.

8 BINGE-WATCHING: Audiences Are Less Likely To Forget Parts Of The Story

Ginko crying in Mushishi

There are many anime series that can go on for long periods, and for that reason, it can be hard to keep track of events over several years. Audiences may forget about important plot details that are later discussed. Anime such as Mushishi had several years between its seasons.

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However, those who binge-watch anime are less likely to forget significant events throughout the series. This ability to remember more of the story comes from the fact that bingers consume anime in a much shorter time frame.

7 WATCHING WEEKLY: Be A Part Of The Conversation

Oreki and the cast of Hyouka watch a computer screen

Read More:5 Reasons Binge-Watching Anime Is Better (& 5 Watching Weekly Is)

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